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Why My School is the Best

Dear Teachers:

Hughes Pictures presents "My School is the Best Video Contest"

Subject: Why our school is the best school!

5 minute informative video on either DVD or VHS tape sent to Hughes Pictures by March 21st 2007, winner announced at State in April. Winner gets a $1000 prize awarded to their school program. The top 4 entries will receive television air time on the Tulsa Schools Television Network, and will run on the Hughes Pictures website for the year as streaming video. All DVD's and VHS tapes submitted for the competition will become the property of Hughes Pictures. This is NOT a competition on what school is the best BUT a video, showcasing your school and why you think your school is the best. Entries to be received by March 21:


Hughes Pictures "Video Contest"
2746 #B East Independence St
Tulsa, OK 74110


Any Oklahoma School can participate. Judging will be on the level and merit of the visual presentation and information compiled, with consideration to the grade level. Must be a student-produced video, with student participation. Teachers/Coordinators can advise and direct, but main content must come from the students participating, Presentation is everything.

1. Story - must have a piece to camera, an interview, and voice-over general footage of events promoting your school, and closing credits.
2. No more than 4 different transitions can be used (no limit to the number of transitions, just the choice of transitions).
3. No more than 30 seconds of credits at the end.
4. Royalty-free music only (for background music). No commercial music or video from other sources, original footage only.
5. Letter enclosed with video submission containing following information:
a. School, grade level, and department
b. Name of Teacher/Coordinator and all students involved
c. Contact information of Teacher/Coordinator
d. A release form allowing this video to be played in public. TV etc

If on DVD it must be DVD-R, no countdown at the head/beginning. Video story must be EXACTLY 5 MINUTES ONLY " for on air scheduling" with 10 seconds of black at the tail/end of the video after the 5 min story. If on VHS at least 8 seconds countdown at the head/beginning of the tape, and 10 seconds of black at the tail/end of tape. Video story MUST BE 5 MINUTES EXACTLY.

Yours Sincerely,
Austin Hughes
Hughes Pictures



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